2020-21 Bomber Wrestling Team Registration

Thank you for your interest in Bomber Wrestling. Get excited, your choice to join the Bomber Wrestling team says so many good things about you! You’ve made a choice to be the best you can possibly be in the world’s oldest and greatest sport, Wrestling! We respect you for the choice you’ve made. Participation with Bomber Wrestling requires a USA Wrestling Athlete membership (approximately $50). See details below regarding the USA Wrestling Athlete Membership.

Bomber Wrestling Coaches, Parents, Families, Alumni and Fans are all supporting you, there is nothing more we want than to see you excel. The choice you’ve made will require a great deal of commitment, patience, perseverance, humility and, heart. We’re going to be with you all of the way. When you step out on the mat, ready to go to battle, you can look back in your corner and know that even though you step onto the mat alone, your coaches, your parents and family, your school, everyone, is behind you.

Our 2020-2021 Wrestling Season-
Regular Season: Monday, November 2nd, 2020  and concludes Saturday, February 13th, 2021.
Championship Post-season: Monday, February 15th, 2021 through Saturday, March 13th, 2021.
Our Bomber Elementary Teams season concludes at the Area 3 League Tournament, tentatively scheduled for February 20th, 2021. All Bomber wrestlers are expected to compete in the Area 3 league tournament. All elementary wrestlers are welcome to continue practicing with the team following the league tourney with permission from the coaching staff.
Our Middle School season concludes at the NorCal Tournament of Champions in Loomis CA. tentatively scheduled for  March 13th, 2021.  Bomber wrestlers who qualify for post-season championship tournaments are expected to be at all practices. Wrestlers with unexcused missed practices are subject to removal from post-season competition.
Post-Season tournament dates are subject to change. Final schedule will be released at the Bomber wrestling Family Meeting on Tuesday November 9th, 2020 immediately after practice in the LGMS wrestling gym. refreshments and chocolate will be served.

Our tournaments generally occur on Saturdays or Sundays. Many of the tourneys we participate in will require a USA Wrestling athlete membership. Wrestlers are responsible for paying their own tournament entry fees which are generally $12-$18 per tournament (post-season championships run $20-$30). Specific logistics and instructions for tourney registration will be emailed mid week prior to each event. Not everyone can be a champion, but anyone can be a winner! Although some Bomber wrestlers will be ready to compete in tournaments their first season, not all will. Bomber wrestling subscribes to the long-term athlete development model. We believe that every wrestler on our team develops at their own pace. When we see that a wrestler is both  physically and psychologically ready for the rigors of tournament competition, then and only then will they be asked to compete. When you want to do something right, you take the time to plan ahead and prepare. We want our wrestlers to understand the value of preparation , planning, and patience. We want them to develop a life-long love of athletics and a respect for the work involved in doing the right things, in the right way, for the right reasons.

Being at practices on time and ready to learn is integral to your wrestlers success. Attendance is taken at every practice. If you must miss a practice, please contact a member of our coaching staff to let them know in advance. We practice through the holidays, please plan accordingly. Wrestlers are prohibited from having electronic devices of any kind at practices. Parents, if you visit a practice and must use your phone, please use it outside of the practice. Thank you.

Practice Requirements-
1. What do you need for practice:
  a. required: wrestling shoes, gym shorts, t-shirt, water bottle. Wrestlers cannot wear jeans or anything with metal zippers, clasps, snaps or buttons to any practice. Whenever possible, or required wrestlers will be expected to wear headgear during live competitions in practice and at all matches. Remember your wrestling shoes for practices. Wrestlers, your are expected to have your wrestling shoes and a filled water bottle at every practice. Do not forget either item. You will not be permitted to practice without either. 
  b. suggested: mouth guard, cleat-skins, headgear,  kneepads and, towel.
  c. all paperwork turned into office and good academic standing.
d. online registration form filled out.

2. Hygiene: f you must leave the room for any reason during practice you will need to take off your wrestling shoes. Use the restroom and fill your water bottle before practice. Shower with an antibacterial soap following every wrestling practice and wear clean practice gear to every wrestling practice.
3. If you are injured and come to practice you’ll most likely be on the bike (as long as your injury allows for that). If you are sick and contagious, stay home. Email, call, text to let Coach know you are sick. Don’t come to practice ever expecting to sit and watch. If you are unable to practice with the team, you should be at home getting yourself healthy and not making your teammates sick. Parents, please be respectful of this rule. Your wrestler will be sent home if they cannot practice. They’re not allowed to come and watch due to illness or not being prepared. This would require additional supervision and will take away supervision which should be for the wrestlers on the mat.
4. Perceptions become reality. Therefore, have a positive and professional outlook, be excited to learn, contribute to your teams success. Be prepared to push yourself harder than you ever have before. When the team wins, we all win!

Practice Dates-
Our practices will run weekly as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. On holidays we often practice as well. Most holiday practices begin at either 10am or Noon. Please check our CALENDAR for the exact dates and times.

Practice Time-
3:45pm until 5:45 pm unless otherwise noted on the schedule. All wrestlers are expected to be ready to go when practice begins. Specifically this means that your shoes are on and laced up, you have access to matside water. Bomber wrestlers are prohibited from using any digital device, i.e. cell phones and tablets, at any time during practice. This applies specifically to the use of a device as well as charging a device. Have it put away when you enter the wrestling gym and keep it turned off until the conclusion of practice. Wrestlers, if you are seen with a device, it will be confiscated. Your parents can pick it up from the coach or from the school office.  There will be no warning.

Practice Location-
We are incredibly fortunate to have a dedicated, year-round wrestling facility, the Bomber Wrestling Gym. We’re proud of it and looking forward to seeing you there.
CLICK HERE for a map to the Bomber Wrestling gym on the campus of Lyman Gilmore MS.

Your role as a Bomber Wrestling Parent / Guardian –
Your wrestler is expected to turn in a grade check (academic status) every Thursday at the beginning of practice, help them to meet this obligation. Parents are needed to help run our fundraisers such as our Bomber Wrestling Throw-A-Thon and our Bomber Wrestling Tournament. Don’t worry, you’re going to have a great time, with awesome people, and feel fantastic about what you’ve helped to build! More info. at the parent meeting about our fundraiser. Save the date!
Wrestling parents are the strength of our team. We are fortunate to have tremendous positive support from our wrestling families and fans. How can you help your wrestler to succeed? By positively encouraging your wrestler and supporting their efforts throughout the season.  Wrestling is a very demanding sport requiring time management, balancing of responsibilities and by understanding that when the team wins, we all win. Parents, please continue be respectful of the practices. All Bomber Wrestling practices are open and we welcome you to attend but there are some rules which you must follow when in the Bomber Wrestling Gym.

1. Only Bomber Wrestling Coaches and staff are allowed on the wrestling mat during practices. Your responsibility is to be supportive and offer positive encouragement to your wrestler. Practices can often be loud but there are moments when our coaches will be speaking with the group. When this occurs please make sure to not cause a distraction to the wrestlers with loud conversation. We want our wrestlers to get the most out of each and every practice, their focus, attention and  plays an important factor in their ability to progress with their teammates. Once the wrestlers are on the mat, they are responsible and accountable for their own thoughts and actions. If you must speak with a coach, please make arrangements to do so after practice, never during or before. Our focus as coaches is 100% dedicated to the athletes whenever they are in our care and under our supervision.

2. If you must use a cellphone or a tablet, take it outside. There are no exceptions to this rule.
3. When we travel to events, our Bomber wrestlers are expected to be respectful of their teammates, other teams, and officials. There is an expectation of professionalism with regard to the Bomber coaching staff, our athletes, and our Bomber Families. Our strength is our ability to understand our roles and responsibilities during practices and travel events. When a wrestler clearly understands who is cheering for them and who is instructing them, they have a much greater ability to focus on their responsibilities as well and, they enjoy the experience of practice and competition much more. We have a tradition of entering events well prepared and a reputation of being the most professional and hardest working team in the gym. Not just our athletes and staff, but everyone who is associated with our team. It is immensely important that when your athlete is practicing or competing that all persons associated with Bomber wrestling always handle any situation with composure and integrity. There are no exceptions to this, ever.
4. Help wherever possible.

Enjoy the experience, it goes by in the blink of an eye –
As Bomber wrestling coaches, we are mindful of the responsibility that we shoulder. You are trusting us with your child and we will never take that responsibility lightly. We believe that we have a responsibility also, to call people to their highest values and to bring people together. This responsibility is a promise that is at the center of every practice, every match, every thought and every action. Your son or daughter will have many stories of success and a rich experience of teamwork as a member of our team, you will as well! More important than any accolade or podium achievement however is the opportunity for each of them to learn how to be a champion in life, how to control the things in their control and not get flustered by those things that are not. They’ll make friends, some will become life-long friends. They’ll discover how to learn and develop a passion for life-long learning. They’ll be reminded, often, how important it is to build strong relationships in their school and at home and the importance of the persons in their lives that care greatly for them. At Bomber wrestling, we believe that these skills and characteristics are the important components to any measure of success whether on the wrestling mat, or elsewhere.

Our team departs together from the Lyman Gilmore MS parking lot for each tournament.  We travel in a carpool and depend on parents in order to transport our wrestlers to and from events. If you are available to help transport wrestlers to and from events you must have a parent driver form on file with the Grass Valley School District.  Parent driver forms can be obtained at the GVSD office across from LGMS. Please notify our coaching staff if you intend to help drive and have your parent driver form on file with GVSD.

Participation with our Bomber Wrestling includes 3 steps:
Become a member of USA Wrestling. A number of our tournaments that we participate in are hosted by California USA Wrestling and all athletes who compete in these events are required to have a USA Wrestling athlete membership. Having the USA Wrestling athlete membership has many benefits  such as additional insurance coverage for your wrestler as well as our school, access to a wealth of information via USA Wrestling magazine. In addition, USA Wrestling membership provides opportunities to our athletes from the youth level all the way up to the Olympic level and everything in between. Membership also allows our athletes to have access to Olympic and World level coaches, clinics, athletes and events which help them to think globally and motivate them to aspire for high academic and athletic goals.  If you already have a USAW Athlete membership, proceed to STEP 2 – Please signup under the club name: Goldmine Wrestling Club, Grass Valley, CA.
Some of our tournaments are USA Wrestling sanctioned events. In order to participate in these tourneys, your wrestler must have an athlete membership through USA Wrestling. Please enter your athletes USA Wrestling athlete membership number in the registration form. If you don’t have a USA Wrestling athlete membership yet you can purchase one by following the link below:

CLICK HERE to find out what USA Wrestling age division your wrestler is in.
CLICK HERE to purchase a USA Wrestling Athlete Membership.
CLICK HERE to learn more about the benefits of a USA Wrestling athlete membership.

We need parent drivers to help with transportation to matches. If you are available to help transport wrestlers to and from matches, please make sure to fill out the parent driver form. You can pick one up in the office or download it by clicking HERE.

Complete and submit the online Bomber Wrestling registration form below.