12.10.17 Natomas Folkstyle Tourney

Congratulations Bomber Wrestlers on a fine showing at the 2017 Natomas Folkstyle Wrestling tournament. You put in some hard work and showed tremendous dedication in preparing for this competitive event. Veterans and new wrestlers alike, we’re proud of every one of you! Here are the results from the tournament:

Jacob Sare: Bronze Medalist
Jonathan Boucher: 4th Place Medalist
Hunter Casteel: BronzeMedalist
Amelia Glaz: 4th Place Medalist and Move of the Week Award recipient!
Falcon Casteel: Silver Medalist, Tournament Finalist
Rose Nelson: Bronze Medalist
Amara Sharp: Gold Medalist, Tournament Champion
Cameron Cormack: Silver Medalist, Tournament FinalistĀ and Wrestler of the Week Award recipient!
Jai Guerra: Gold Medalist, Tournament Champion
Addison Parmenter: Bronze Medalist

When the team wins, we all win!


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