2018-19 Bomber Wrestling Season ready to hit the mats!

Bomber Wrestling is excited to return to the mats for the 2018-19 wrestling season. Our wrestlers are ready and our coaching staff is ready, but as strong as we have become we understand that the work on the mats is only a part of the recipe for success. We’ve come a long way and made strides due to our support from our schools teachers, administration and, staff. They and our wrestling parents and community have been behind us at every turn, cheering on, supporting, and lifting up the efforts of our athletes as they pursue excellence academically, as members of our community and, on the mats as representative athletes for the great sport of wrestling. When the team wins, we all win. We consider every parent, every teacher, every person in our community as a member of our team. There’s a lot of work to do, but working hard and smart is what we look forward to. We know the rewards are worth it and it’s one of the ways we earn your respect. Let’s get to work. Go Bombers!

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