2019 Bomber “Flight School” Greco Roman Wrestling Camp

Thank you for your interest in Bomber Wrestling “Flight School”.

Participation with our Bomber Flight School Wrestling Camp requires 3 easy steps:

Print out, read and sign the waiver and release of liability form (below). Bring it in to camp and hand it in prior to stepping on the mat.

Please click 
HERE for our downloadable
camp waiver and release of liability form.



Complete and submit the online camp registration questionnaire form below.

Pay your camp fee of $50.  Payment can be made at the session. Please make checks payable to Nevada County Wrestling Support Group (NCWSG).
If you are a Bomber Wrestler and are in need of a scholarship, please contact Coach Tony, Coach Tiffany, Coach Rick or Sarah. Note: Wrestling families, if you are interested in sponsoring a wrestler to attend (which is awesome of you!) please contact Coach Tony, Coach Tiffany, Coach Rick or Sarah. There’s always someone who could use a little help and your kind generosity may be just what they need to help them move forward. Thank you!

Some information about our camp and the sport of Greco Roman Wrestling:

Team working with SUPLES equipment

Greco Roman Wrestling:
With the possible exception of track and field (athletics), wrestling is the most ancient sport known to have been continuously practiced competitively.  When the modern Olympic Games resumed in Athens in 1896, organizers considered wrestling so historically significant that it became a focus of the Games. 
Greco-Roman wrestling, popularly referred to simply as ‘Greco,’ is one of two international styles of wrestling. Greco emphasizes lifts, throws, and control of ones opponent using holds, positioning and maneuverability in close contact. Greco prohibits attacks below the waist; a wrestler may not attack his or her opponent’s legs, nor use their own legs to trip, lift or execute or defend against any other techniques.  As a result, Greco can be very exciting to practice and also to watch! Although Greco-Roman wrestling differs in many respects to Folkstyle, which is popular in American schools and universities, learning and competing in Greco can provide any wrestler with added technical ability and tremendous confidence. Many if not all of the core skills emphasized in Greco – positioning: motion and level changing, and attacking the core: lifting, back step, back arch are skills that directly benefit any wrestler, irregardless of style.

Coach Guerra doing Coach Guerra stuff

Our camp is led by Bomber Wrestling coach, Tony Guerra. Coach Guerra is supported by a number of seasoned coaches and athletes who are well versed in the curriculum taught and practiced at our camp. Camp sessions are well planned and focussed on creating a base knowledge that participating wrestlers can continue to practice and build on after camp concludes.  Bomber Flight School has four guiding principles encompassed in our acronym LIFT : Leadership, Integrity, Family and, Teamwork. Leadership is first because leadership is at the core of every successful team, it’s the heart of our team. L.I.F.T is integral not only to Greco-Roman wrestling, it’s a philosophy that guides us long after we step off of the wrestling mat.

wrestlers learning awesome stuff

Coach Guerra:
“I’m very lucky. I’m surrounded by good people who love our sport and dedicate themselves to  creating opportunities for your people to flourish”, says Coach. “Wrestling is hard work, the kids figure this out pretty quick. They also figure out that no matter what they set their sights on, it’s doable. They can get there with a plan. Our coaches are going to work as hard as we possibly can to help them get to where they want to be. We’re going to plan the work and we’re going to work the plan.” In addition to coaching the Bombers, Coach Guerra is a USA Wrestling silver level coach and has coached and served on the staffs of a number of National, and International teams as well as having served on the staff of the JRobinson national wrestling camps.

Cody Wasson being awesome

Camp Philosophy:
Our camp staff utilizes the sport of wrestling to demonstrate to our athletes the achievability of their goals. Through our work on the mat we demonstrate that it takes not only their dedication but that of a lot of people, it’s a Team First philosophy, you’ve got to know that you can depend on your teammates and they’ve got to know that they can depend on you. We’re a program that believes in long-term development and instilling in our kids a life-long love of learning. When the team wins, we all win. Our campers will leave camp with a strong Greco skill set. More importantly however, they’ll leave return home with a deep level of confidence in their ability as competitors on the mat and champions in life.


Bomber wrestlers at practice

Camp Fees: The camp fee is $50 and includes all sessions as well as snacks in between. Wrestlers are encouraged to bring a water bottle. Parent or guardian must accompany their wrestler if they choose to leave campus during the break.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, January 1st through January 4th, 2019.
Time: Session 1: 10:00am – Noon / Session 2: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Location- Bomber Wrestling Gym, Lyman Gilmore Middle School. Click HERE for a map.


Bomber Wrestling Gym

What to bring:
Wrestlers are expected to bring:
1. wrestling shoes (required in order to be on the mat).
2. practice clothes (no clothing with exposed metal. i.e., jeans, zippers, etc.).
3. water bottle and towel.
4. mouthguard for braces.
5. headgear is recommended but not required as this is primarily a technique focussed camp.
6. a notebook is recommended but not required.