S.A.W.A. Tourney Registration Info.

1. What is a USAW athlete membership.
2. How is a USAW athlete membership purchased?
3. How do I register for this Sunday’s tourney?
4. Tournament this Sunday, 12/15/19

1. What is a USAW athlete membership?
Many of the tournaments that we participate in are sanctioned under USA Wrestling (USAW), the national governing body for amateur wrestling in the United States. Our local association here in Northern California is the Sacramento Area Wrestling Association (SAWA). SAWA hosts a number of tournaments in and near our area. In order to participate in any SAWA tournament, all wrestlers must have current USAW athlete membership. A USAW athlete membership is valid from September 1 through August 31. Once an athlete has their USAW athlete membership they are eligible to compete in any USAW sanctioned tournament nationwide. Each tournament will have a registration fee, usually around $12-$15.  A USAW athlete membership has a number of benefits. Learn more about the benefits by clicking HERE.

Information on how to purchase a USAW athlete membership, how to signup for a trackwrestling myTrack account and, register through track wrestling for a SAWA tournament is explained below.

2. How is a USAW athlete membership purchased?
A USAW athlete membership is purchased through the USA Wrestling website. Costs vary from state to state but the yearly membership fee is generally around $40-$50 for the season. When registering please use Bomber wrestling’s parent club, the Goldmine Wrestling Club, Grass Valley, CA. Organization ID# 1832301. Coach: Tony Guerra.
The link to purchase a USAW athlete membership is HERE.
HERE is a video tutorial which will help you understand how to purchase your USAW athlete membership.

3. How do I register for a S.A.W.A. tourney?
Registering for a S.A.W.A. USA Wrestling tournament is through TRACKWRESTLING.COM. First, you’ll need a USAW athlete membership. Second, you’ll need to signup for a myTrack account through trackwrestling, then you can register for a tourney.
When you register for a S.A.W.A.  tournament you’ll be asked what age group and weight group your wrestler is in (most S.A.W.A. tourneys use pooled weight groups). The age group depends upon the year that your wrestler was born. Your wrestler will fall under one of the following USAW age groups:

For reference, the current USAW age group / weight classes are HERE.
Born in the years  2004-2005: Folkstyle, Age Division USA Cadet
Born in the years 2006-2007: Folkstyle, Age Division USA Schoolboy/Schoolgirl
Born in the years 2008-2009: Folkstyle, Age Division USA Novice
Born in the years 2010-2011: Folkstyle, Age Division USA Intermediate
Born in the years 2012-2013: Folkstyle, Age Division USA Bantam

Weight groups at S.A.W.A. tournaments are pooled weights. This means that each wrestler will be grouped with a few other wrestlers (usually groups 4-6 wrestlers) born in the same year and within a few pounds of each other. There will be a scale at practices on Thursdays for your wrestler to check their weight. If you don’t know their weight, ask Coach to find out what your wrestlers last weighin was.