About Us

Our School
 The Lyman Gilmore website states, we are “Together…Inspiring Success in Every Child”. Our Wrestling Team is exceedingly proud to be a part of the Lyman Gilmore family. We are inspired to utilize the sport of wrestling in order to cultivate a culture of life-long learning and to reinforce the strength that balancing academics and athletics provides for everyone. Lyman Gilmore Middle School is “passionately committed to developing personal excellence and preparing each individual for the future through a strong academic program enhanced by a wide range of innovative choices in a responsive and safe environment.” Our wrestling programs values are aligned with the values and goals of our school. 

Our Program
Participation with our team is earned. At Lyman Gilmore Bomber Wrestling we stress the values of Leadership, Integrity, Family and Teamwork, it’s what we call the L.I.F.T. philosophy. We believe that everyone brings value to the team. We have a “NO CUT” policy because we believe that cultivating a successful team takes time, planning and most of all patience. Unlike some other team sports at the middle school level, students are never cut from our team based on their skill level, talent or ability to win. Although there are no cuts, student-athletes can lose their spot on the team for academic or disciplinary reasons.  Team members must strive for scholastic excellence and maintain a 2.00 grade point average. Team members must attend practices on a regular basis. Team members must follow our teams code of conduct . If you are a Bomber Wrestler, you represent your community, your school, and your team at all times. This means that you practice responsibility and accountability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Coach’s are committed to  helping each one of our student-athletes be the best that they are capable of becoming, both in wrestling and in life. The coaching staff is available to help with any challenges that you and your athlete may face; call, email or visit to discuss any issues.

Our Mission
L.I.F.T. – Leadership, Integrity, Family, Teamwork. These four principles are the pillars of our team. They are also the ideals which our Coaching staff strives to embody in ourselves an in each of our wrestlers. Our mission is to use the sport of wrestling to empower student-athletes with the necessary skills and positive habits they require in order to build personal grit when faced with life’s inherent challenges, to make informed choices regarding their actions and, to become leaders in their respective fields of interest. There is no greater purpose in life than to dedicate oneself to helping others lift themselves up

Our Belief
Not everyone can be at the top of the podium, but anyone can be a Champion! This means is that anyone who participates in wrestling regardless of age or athletic ability has the potential to be a WINNER. A winner is someone who has learned to face a challenge or overcome an obstacle and has persevered to the end. In other words, a winner is one who “has fought the good fight and finished the race”. A life-long coaching friend often reminds his nationally-ranked, state championship wrestling team that, “You don’t have to be winning to win”. In other words, having your hand raised in victory, standing atop the podium, or winning the gold medal are elements of what winning is. Winning is a reflection of one’s character, the courage to step into a role of leadership, the integrity to do the right thing in the right way for the right reason. When you’re able to redefine what winning is to you, you become more than a winner; you become a Champion in life! Winning is a process; a long-term model which focuses on the development of the whole student-athlete.