Bomber Wrestling Gym

Bomber Wrestling has worked tirelessly to build and outfit our wrestling gym from the ground up. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far and grateful to have a state of the art, dedicated wrestling gym at our middle school where we hold our practices. Our practice facility provides many opportunities for our student-athletes to learn the sport of wrestling in a safe and clean environment.

Bomber Wrestling Gym

But we’re not done! The work continues to always improve and we can use your help. We’ve worked hard to earn the respect and generosity of our community. It is solely due to the relationships that we’ve built that our facility exists. The confidence given to us by the administration, teachers and staff at our school and the hard working folks in our community is a trust that we will never take for granted. We’ll always work to strengthen those bonds and to build new bridges that allow all of us to succeed together.

Bomber Team Practice

We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with you! Financial support is important and necessary, but there are many ways in which you can participate with our team. We invite you to attend a match, help with a fundraiser, or visit a practice at the Bomber Wrestling Gym. There are opportunities to sponsor one or more of our hard working wrestlers for the season, for a summer wrestling camp or for a big tournament!

Bomber Wrestling Gym Renovation-Team Bench Project

Bomber Wrestling values your support. please contact us to discuss ways in which you can contribute in order that we may succeed together. You have our promise to work tirelessly in order to to continually earn your respect and generosity. Email us today at lymangilmorewrestling at gmail dot com.

Bomber Team Thank You