02.08.18 Bomber Move of the Week – Amara Sharp

Bomber Wrestling is proud to recognize Student-Athlete Amara Sharp
as the “Bomber Move of the Week” award recipient.

There’s an old saying, “What we lose in the fire, we’ll find in the ashes”. In her time as a Bomber Wrestler, Amara has experienced the challenge of loss in ways that not many of her peers are able to comprehend. Where others may have given up, she’s displayed strength. Where others may have been reckless, she found focus. Like the legend of the Phoenix, Amara has been through the fire and risen from the ashes. Greco Roman wrestling, some say, is akin to carrying a significant weight, in an unfamiliar direction, lifting it as high as you can, and then, letting it go. It’s no surprise that Amara has taken to Greco Roman wrestling so well. Amara trains with intention and battles on the mat like a seasoned veteran. Her ability to learn complex techniques is a result of her attention to detail and the importance she places on continually improving. Whether it’s a suplex an arm throw, a superduck or a lateral, you can count on Amara to put 100% of her effort into mastering the technique and applying what she’s learned in her matches. You can be sure, that when Amara is competing, you’re in for an exciting match and are witnessing an emerging champion.

Congratulations Amara! You’ve earned the Bomber Move of the Week!


01.16.18 Bomber Wrestling Wrestler of the Week & Move of the Week!

Bomber Wrestling is proud to recognize Student-Athlete Hunter Casteel for earning the Bomber “Wrestler of the Week”.

Constant and continual improvement over time is a key philosophy that
all champions recognize and practice. The ability to assess, adapt, and move
forward precisely. Bomber Wrestler Hunter Casteel has demonstrated his
ability to contiually improve. It’s inspiring to see a first year wrestler setting
an example for his peers, this is the kind of leadership that’s at the core of
out team. Hunter’s a team member that you can count on, you know he’s
always going to give the extra effort. This is what champions are made of.
Each time Hunter steps onto the mat, he has the attitude that all high level
competitors share; doing the small things in right way, at the right time, for
the right reasons. This is why Hunter get stronger everyday, he has grit, he’s
competitive, and dedicated. He’s quickly stepping into a leadership role for
his team. Through hard work, he’s deservedly earned the respect of his
teammates. Bomber wrestling is excited to have a person of Hunters
character setting an example for others to follow. Hunter raises the bar.

WHEN THE TEAM WINS, WE ALL WIN! Congratulations Hunter!
Bomber Wrestling is proud to recognize Student-Athlete Ricky Kiser for earning the Bomber “Move of the Week”.

Bomber Wrestler Ricky Kiser put in the extra time and effort to turn around
a challenging situation and for his efforts earned a Gold Medal and
tourney championship at the recent Bella Vista folkstyle tournament.
Ricky and his teammates put extra attention toward countering single
leg attacks this past week and when the time came to put their efforts
to the test, Ricky rose to the occasion. Pitted against a strong opponent
Ricky stayed true to the habits he worked hard to establish in the practice
room. His counter-offense was exceptional, it was spot on! Ricky’s actions
on the mat were reflective of his solid week of practice. Ricky now knows
the payoff for hard work, he’s going to continue making strides and building
on his well earned success. Ricky’s actions demonstrated to his teammates
that when you practice the skills you need to improve you do more than win;
you inspire your teammates to follow your example.

WHEN THE TEAM WINS, WE ALL WIN! Congratulations Ricky!


01.16.18 Bomber Wrestling News

Congratulations Bombers! Solid work payed off at the competitive Bella Vista Folkstyle Tournament.
Here are our results :

Event: Bella Vista Bronco Folkstyle Wrestling Tournament
Sunday January 14th, 2018
Ricky Kiser: Gold Medalist, Tournament Champion and Move of the Week
Hunter Casteel: Bronze Medalist and Wrestler of the Week
Jacob Sare: Silver Medalist, Tournament Finalist
Addison Parmenter: 4th Place Medalist
Amara Sharp: Bronze Medalist
Jai Guerra: Silver Medalist, Tournament Finalist
Cameron Cormack: Gold Medalist, Tournament Champion
Falcon Casteel: Silver Medalist, Tournament Finalist
Cody Wasson: Silver Medalist, Tournament Finalist
Vinny Kiser: 4th Place Medalist
Owen Hooper: Gold Medalist, Tournament Champion
Amadeus Sharp: Silver Medalist, Tournament Finalist
Colton Wasson: Silver Medalist, Tournament Finalist
Corbet Wasson: 4th Place Medalist
Bryce Kemble: 4th Place Medalist


12.16.17 Move of the Week – Amara Sharp

Bomber Wrestling is proud to recognize Student-Athlete Amara Sharp for the Bomber “Move of the Week”

In a stellar display of poise, skill, and grit, student-athlete Amara Sharp stepped to the mat and left little doubt as to the level of dedication she’s committed to being one of the best Greco wrestling athletes in the Golden State. Sharp’s strong work ethic is paying off aswas evidenced recently at the Smedburg Folkstyle tourney. En route to a Gold medal Sharp earned 2 falls and 1 technical fall utilizing well honed, Olympic caliber throws and body locks. What Amara has accomplished through hard work, patience and persistence, is a level of expertise that inspires her team, her school, and our wrestling culture.

WHEN THE TEAM WINS, WE ALL WIN! Congratulations Amara! You’ve earned the Bomber Move of the Week!