02.04.17 Wrestler of the Week – Amara Sharp

011617 WOW Amara Sharp

Bomber Wrestling is proud to recognize Student-Athlete
Amara Sharp as the Bomber “Wrestler of the Week”

Amara Sharp isn’t one to rest on her laurels. A 2016 USA Wrestling California state medalist, Sharp dedicated much of her Spring and Summer to training, improving and preparing for the tough season ahead. Her hard work shows as currently Amara is undefeated in varsity competition having competed head to head with other girls and boys alike. Amara has made strides in how she manages her practices. She’s matured in that she is learning how to balance her athleticism and toughness with technical skill and finesse. This didn’t happen overnight, Amara’s prowess is the result of time, dedication, making good choices and, establishing positive habits. She’s come such a long way and she can apply these qualities to other areas of her life, now that she knows how.  We’re so proud of the effort Amara has made in order to help her team. She has great opportunities ahead of her. With the right direction, the sky’s the limit for this hard working student-athlete.

Congratulations Amara! Your hard work has made us all better!You’ve earned the Bomber “Wrestler of the Week”

12.10.16 Wrestler of the Week – Colton Bingham


Bomber Wrestling is proud to recognize Student-Athlete Colton Bingham as the Bomber “Wrestler of the Week”.

Leadership by example. Colton is no stranger to success on the wrestling mat. However, more impressive than his skill and tenacity as a wrestler, Colton recognizes that in order to build a great team, tough wrestlers such as him need to help their teammates build confidence and gain strength. En route to placing first at the Del Campo Challenge, Colton demonstrated integrity and leadership by working with our newer wrestlers throughout the day and helping them to perform exceptionally well under pressure. When the team wins, we all win! Congratulations Colton! You’re Awesome and it shows!

Wrestler of the Week – Arik Smart

8x10 WOW 020816-Arik Smart

Bomber Wrestling is proud to recognize Student-Athlete Arik Smart as the Bomber “Wrestler of the Week”. Arik stepped into the sport of wrestling with a number of excellent qualities. Namely, a willingness to learn and a commitment to follow through. These two qualities created a foundation for Arik to continually improve. Not surprisingly, Arik excelled on the mat, and in the course of his first season discovered a level of Awesomeness that was always there waiting to be revealed. Arik’s dedication and championship attitude set the stage for a number of proud moments, both on and off the mat, including winning the 2016 League Championship, an accomplishment that our school, our community, and our team can take pride in! Congratulations Arik, keep up the great work! You’ve earned the “Wrestler of the Week”!