Why do we need to raise funds? How can you help?

Thank You! We appreciate all of your support and encouragement!

Bomber wrestling values your support. Please contact us to discuss ways in which you can contribute in order that we may succeed together. You have our promise to work tirelessly in order to continually earn your respect and generosity.

There are a few ways you can financially contribute to the success of Bomber Wrestling.
1. Email Coach Tony directly to learn what our current and specific team needs are. lymangilmorewrestling at gmail dot com.
– or –
2. Make a donation using the button below. Your donation will be added to the LGMS Athletic fund. Please make sure to specify that you are donating to the wrestling program and let Coach Tony know that you made a donation.  Informing Coach Tony that you made a donation to the LGMS fund allows us to put your funds to good use right away and allows us to thank you personally and quickly.

Your financial help makes a difference. 
It takes funding to keep our team going and we could use your help. Whether it’s for mat tape, uniforms and tournament entry fees, or for paint and plywood, your financial donation to our team goes a long way and is greatly appreciated. We can’t do it without you, and we wouldn’t want to. It doesn’t cost a tremendous amount to move our program forward but, as with any meaningful endeavor, there are necessary, ongoing costs. Our wrestlers pay with their dedication, commitment and sweat. For everyone else, we ask that you help with your checkbook (credit cards are accepted as well). Our paypal button makes it easy to donate but if you’d prefer, you can make a donation by check directly to “Lyman Gilmore Wrestling” at the Gilmore Middle School front office. Please make sure to specify on your check that you are donating to the wrestling program and let Coach Tony know that you made a donation. Our team appreciates your support and will always work to keep earning it, everyday!

We have a number of fundraising goals. Some are for day to day expenses, others are Legacy projects such as our LGMS Wrestling Room Renovation. All of the projects are important and your help can make them a reality.
Our current fundraising needs include:

Financial donations for day to day expenses –

  1. Tournament Entry Fees.
    Our tournament entry fees range from $10 to $15 depending upon the tournament. Post-season championship tournaments can range from $25 to $40.
  2. Printing, Laminating and, Wrestling Socks!
    We love to spotlight our wrestlers! They put in the time and dedication for every practice and, balance responsibilities at school and home. We’re proud of our athletes and we want to make sure they know it. Why do our wrestlers love wrestling socks? Who knows, they just love wearing them (coaches love them too). Our team regularly recognizes the progress of our wrestlers though our Wrestler of the Week and Move of the Week awards. Recognition certificates and posters are one of the ways we highlight our hard working wrestlers. In addition to the earning a pair of custom wrestling socks award recipients receive fantastic award certificates.
  3. Gift certificates for our favorite local printing shop, House of Print and Copy, Grass Valley, are appreciated very much (Staples gift certificates work also).
    or consider a season sponsorship of our Wrestler of the Week or Move of the Week award. We would love the chance to thank you publicly and to promote your business, everyone wins! A donation of just $300 will cover a seasons socks and certificates for our wrestlers.
  4. Bomber SingletsHeadgear.
    You can download our 2019-20 Singlet Donation Sheet HERE.
    In 2016 our team received a generous donation from the Curtis & Nelson Family.Thanks to their generosity, we were able to purchase custom team singlets and headgear for our wrestlers. As our team grows, we’re in need of purchasing additional singlets and headgear. As our team grows, we anticipate that we will need to purchase additional singlets and headgear each season. Each singlet costs $60 dollars and each headgear costs $35. 
  5. Mat tape and KS skin foam<.
    One case of mat tape can last many seasons. <Mat tape< holds our multi-sectional mats together for practices and competitions increasing safety.  Our KS skin foam< is an antibacterial skin foam that our athletes have available for their use for every practice and for tournaments. We have a great record of  avoiding skin issues that often plague other teams. KS skin foam is available in single cans as well as by the case.

Training Equipment- Download our current season training equipment fundraising sheet HERE.
In addition to hard work, our team utilizes excellent training equipment to continually improve. Specifically, we utilize SUPLES training equipment and Norberts landing pads. Your financial donation toward the purchase of training equipment makes an immediate positive impact for our team. SUPLES equipment is used by our worlds greatest wrestlers. Our coaching staff is well versed in the use of the SUPLES Speed Dummies, Bulgarian Bags and, the Suples Training Ball. This equipment, combined with our dedicated wrestling facility and exceptional coaching staff provides an exciting training experience for our athletes. See a video of our wrestlers training hard, having fun and building skills using the SUPLES Speed dummies during our 2017 Bomber Wrestling Christmas Camp. Click Here to watch.

  1. SUPLES Climbing Ropes.
  2. SUPLES Speed Dummy.
  3. SUPLES Bulgarian Bags.
  4. SUPLES Fit Ball.
  5. Norberts Landing Pads.

Legacy Projects-

current 2019-20 Bomber Wrestling Gymnasium

  1. Renovation of the Gilmore Wrestling Room:
    At Bomber Wrestling we are always working to improve our practice facility. We realize how fortunate we are to have a dedicated wrestling gym at Gilmore. Having our own wrestling gym allows our wrestlers to learn and practice in a safe environment and, adds to our pride as student-athletes. The responsibility to care for our wrestling room is a task we both welcome and embrace. We are ready to take our wrestling gym to another level of awesomeness. In the last two seasons we have given our room a fresh coat of paint, made repairs where necessary and, added our Team logo and name to the 58′ wide by 14′ tall main wall of the wrestling gym. We’ve also added an audio/video system which serves as an exciting new teaching tool. Our next goals include; a 36′-0″ long trophy shelf, renovation of the north wall to include wall hooks for wrestlers gear and, the addition of an ELKAY water bottle filling station. These improvements have added to the pride and ownership of our wrestling room and helped to facilitate a team culture. Our renovated wrestling room honors our past and points us excitingly toward a bright future. Ongoing upgrades not only create a more welcoming environment for all Bomber Wrestling families but are also a lasting symbol of our commitment to success for generations to come. We hope that you will consider a financial donation to this ongoing legacy project. Please view the images of the proposed renovations here:
    a. Wrestling Room Elevations
    b. Wrestling Room Perspective View
  2. Student-Athlete Camp Scholarships:
    We have a number of camp opportunities for our athletes during the Spring and Summer. Attendance at a wrestling camp is never required but off season wrestling makes a huge difference for our athletes. We have strong relationships with nationally recognized camps and without exception our wrestlers return with greater confidence, increased technical skills and a strong camaraderie common to  championship programs.
  3. Student-Athlete National Team Scholarships:
    We see our wrestlers as life-long learners. We want to support each wrestlers efforts  as much as possible and see them go as far as they wish to.  For our team, that means state, regional and, national competitions when they are ready.  When they are ready, we want to be ready to help them achieve their goals. A financial contribution toward a wrestlers state, regional or, national team fees provides them with an unprecedented opportunity to train and compete at the highest levels of our sport.
  4. Continuing Education for our Coaching Staff:

    Our coaching staff prides itself on our efforts to stay informed and educated about our sport. To that end, Coach Tony is currently pursuing USA Wrestling’s National Coaches Education Program Gold level Certification.  NCEP Gold Certification is the highest level of coaching certification offered by our national governing body, USA Wrestling. In addition to providing international coaching experience, the NCEP Gold level certification represents years of higher education, national training, research and a long-term commitment to excellence in the sport of wrestling and service to the community. Our team is committed to mentoring every member of our coaching staff to achieve the highest certification available and to be leaders in the coaching community. To this end, our staff attends yearly trainings and clinics and are members of state and national coaching organizations. We are asking for your financial assistance to help our coaching staffs further their knowledge of coaching. A donation today can help our coaches to attend worthwhile and meaningful coaching clinics to learn the best methods and approaches to help our athletes perform at their peak. Two of the coaches continued education clinics we attend are:
    a. The annual Monterey Coaches Clinic, now in it’s 40th consecutive year has played host to many of the world’s most talented coaches and athletes. We are excited to attend and understand how important this camp is. The knowledge and experience gained from attendance is put into action on day one and has immediate benefits to all of our athletes.
    b. Camps and seminars at the USA Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Attendance at coaching  events hosted by our Olympic Training Center offer our coaching staff regular access to the best methods practiced from the youth level to the Olympic and world level. They say that to get to the mountain top, you should ask the advice of someone who goes there everyday. This philosophy holds true with our Olympic Training Center camps and clinics. To help our staff attend, consider making a donation today.