Event Records

Wrestler of the Week (WOW), Move of the Week (MOW) and, Event Records
Bomber Wrestling takes incredible pride in our wrestlers accomplishments both on and off of the mat. We invite you to read about our wrestlers team and individual accomplishments. Here you will find event competitor posters, our Wrestlers of the Week and Move of the Week award recipient posters and video. Click on any image for a downloadable .pdf.
Our Wrestler of the Week award recognizes a Bomber wrestler who demonstrates one of our four team L.I.F.T. pillars: Leadership, Integrity, Family, and Teamwork. Our Move of the Week award recognizes a Bomber wrestler who, during a match, demonstrates application of a technique or series of techniques that they’ve learned at practice. Whenever a member of our team competes for the Bombers at an away tournament they receive a Team event poster which celebrates the roster for each event and each competitors accolades. Both the Wrestler of the Week (WOW) and Move of the Week (MOW) receives a poster of their award as well as a pair of custom wrestling socks from Wrestlingmart! Congratulations to all of our hard working, dedicated athletes!
Sponsoring our Bomber recognition awards is a great way to show your support for the team. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in celebration of  our wrestlers accomplishments. Please contact Bomber Wrestling to find out how you can sponsor an event post, Wrestler of the Week or Move of the week Award.

Event Date Event Name 
 Wrestler of the Week 
 Move of the Week

 2020 03.07 
 NorCal Tournament of Champions 

 2020 02.22 
 Regional Championships 

 2020 02.15 
 Area 3 League Tourney 

 2020 02.01 
 Alec Flores Memorial Tourney 
 Sam Kesel 
Uriah Painter

 2020 01.25 
 Falcon Folkstyle Tourney 
 Jacob Moroyoqui 
Colton Wasson

 2020 01.20  Ed Harris Novice and Girls Tourney 
 Rick Kiser 
 James Gray

 2020 01.17

 The Clash Folkstyle Tourney

 2020 01.12

 Bella Vista Folkstyle Tourney 
 Byron Reshatoff 
 Cheyanne Painter

 2019 12.22

 Santa Smack Down Folkstyle Tourney 
 Hank Galaz 
 Ricky Kiser

 2019 01.15

 Natomas Folkstyle Tourney 
 Uriah Painter 
 Owen Hooper