Why Should You Join Our Team?

Why Join our Team?
Bomber Wrestlers will benefit from experienced, seasoned coaches who have trained, competed, and coached successfully from the grass roots level to the World and International level. Our experience lends itself to our team success and our team success is the foundation for each wrestlers individual success. When the team wins, we all win!

  • Bomber Wrestling provides access to competitive workout partners and wrestlers of all skill levels can benefit from our practice sessions.
  • Bomber Wrestlers train in a dedicated wrestling facility specifically designed for wrestlers.
  • Bomber¬†Wrestlers benefit from small group sessions and our “leaders building leaders” model of instruction

Direction is provided for areas that are often overlooked but just as important for athletes to reach their potential. Topics include mental skills training, weight management (diet & nutrition), as well as the Bomber Wrestling S.A.F.E method: Strength, Agility, Flexibility and, Edurance.